Tax sales in Alabama

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So I am looking for recommendations on the best way to tackle the property list. I live in Mobile and at any given time the list can be well over 300 pages long. I have seen some investors with the list in an excel spreadsheet but I’m open to any and all recommendations on how to attack this massive list.

Well start by only looking at properties that have your desired asset class on them, usually with these lists there is a ton of vacant land that nobody wants that shows up over and over again.  In some places they will foreclose on time shares as well.  In San Bernardino county for example they will have probably 500-1000 time shares that are all the same starting bid that you can just skip over.  Hope that helps

@Aaron K. That’s part of the problem with the Alabama lists. They do not differentiate between asset classes. The only information is the parcel number and lot description along with the amount of back taxes and the year it was added to the list.

@Hattie York   it is the same way out here, you need to make educated guesses by looking at a sample of some of these properties.  My guess would be anything that has been on the list longer than 2 or 3 auction cycles is either vacant land that nobody wants or the taxes are too much to make the property worth what the county is asking.  Look up the addresses and you will start to see patterns, by the time you get 5 or 6 pages in you will start to be able to eliminate some before doing extensive digging.

Not positive but i think they do differentiate asset classes (at least in Jefferson and Shelby County). Check out posts by Denise Evans. She is the expert and has a ton of great info available. 

Thanks, @Mark Byers@Hattie York , if they show the parcel ID numbers in Mobile County, and not just the PIN numbers, you can learn to read those numbers and at least know approximately where the property is located.  Call the mapping office for Mobile County. It is part of the Revenue Dept. Given them a sample parcel id number, and ask them what the numbers mean.  Probably the first two numbers are the county locator. Ask them if they have the county locator map online, so you can see where "01" is, for example. If not, you might have to go down there and get a copy from them, or ask them to mail you a copy.  In Madison County, for example, "01" is the far northeast corner.  If you don't want anything in rural Madison County near the TN line and east of Harvest, then you won't even look at any parcel that has a county locator number of "01"

@Denise Evans   1st: is the 2018 tax book still good or do you have another one coming out soon I should wait on? 

2nd: If I buy raw land off the State and receive a tax deed can I go and file for quiet title immediately or do I still have to wait three years with possession?

Hello everyone! I'm a real estate investor from mobile currently residing in Houston. I have a tip that can help you view properties before you purchase them, since the website doesn't give the address. Download the app called LandGlide. You just put in the parcel number and the address will appear, you can then look it up on google maps. I hope this helps you guys out!