Property tax exemption for disabled vets. Any success?

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Have any of my fellow veterans taken advantage of the property tax exemption in Texas and Florida?  The last time I checked, the rates for 10% disabled were $5,000 and it goes up with the more disability you have.  I believe that this exemption can only be implemented in a house hack or primary residence so just looking for anyone with experience doing this and if it is helpful in cost savings. Also I am 10% disabled for the record and open to hear of this exemption being used in other states as well.

I just recently downloaded the entire data set from the Dallas County Appraisal District.  There are a lot of DAV exemptions on record now.  I was shocked, because I wasn't even aware those exemptions were in play.  Once you get the exemption here in Texas, it isn't likely you're going to lose it.  I encounter plenty of circumstances where properties are still receiving Homestead exemptions, even though they are rental properties.  Unless the deed actually transfers, there is little way for the County Assessors to know anything has changed.

I sold a house to a vet that had 100% disability rating and he told me he pays no property taxes....and it appears this way on the tax role too.   I had not hear that before he bought.  This was a few years ago.  You can receive some discounts for 10-90% ratings as well.   

Check out this website for more info....  It is for owner occupied properties.  Not investment properties.

So just to give you an idea....with 10% rating you can take $5000 off the appraised value for tax calculations.  At 2-3% annual tax rate that might save you $100-$150/year in property taxes.

It's illegal on the part of a disabled veteran, whether you are 10% or 100% disabled,  to utilize property tax exemption for rental properties. Its meant for homestead only.

@Gary Singh

That is not correct information. 

There are two separate disabled veteran exemptions in Texas. A DV exemption is filled on form 50-135 and can be for any property you own including rental property. You get an amount of you taxes exempt based on your VA percentage. I'm 100% which means I get $12,000 off of assessed value. See link below:

The second disabled veteran exemption is for 100% disabled veteran homestead DVHS filed on form 50-114. This is a 100% of assessed value of property.

If you temporary move from your homestead and do not establishe a principal residence elsewhere you keep your exemption for 2 years. 

You may keep your exemption more than 2 years if you are away for military service. My wife is active duty and we move every 3 years and can rent our DVHS as long as we are  away. See link below:

Texas Senate Bill 833 was passed in June 2015. See article below:

Texas Senate Bill 833. See link below: