Tax deed purchase but title has child services judgement on it

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I am interested in bidding on a property, I just pulled the title report for the property and it has couple of judgements from Child support services and 1 small claims. 

I believe judgement from child services survive the tax deed sale and it stays on, even when I buy it. So is there any way legally I can clear the property or I should stay away from such property.  From searching online I haven't got an answer the actual process if I can remove it, every blog says talk to a lawyer, it survives tax deed and purchaser will be liable, but it doesn't answer if I buy whats the process to follow and if its even possible to clear title other than being responsible for the amount.

the property is worth around $800-900k, Auction starts around $80k, given the hassles involved, I wanted to know how much it would cost in addition to tax deed purchase to get a clean title.