delinquent tax list

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I know but they’re being difficult saying we don’t have such info 

  I tried Opra. They sent me only taxes owed for 2018   They can’t provide me with any other years 

@Abe B. New Jersey handles delinquent taxes on a municipal basis.  The municipal clerk/tax office will maintain a list.  It is possible that they only maintain a list of what hasn't yet been auctioned off.  For past years you should be able to OPRA a list of properties sold at tax auction.


@Kevin K. thanks for the info. As a flipper/ investor I was  trying to contact the owners who are in tax distress situation and make some type of deal with them 

  Doesn’t seem I can do that if I can’t get that type of info 

@Abe B. I'm pretty negative about Hudson County. It's currently overpriced in my opinion. The tax lien sales are overrun but institutions.  It doesn't mean you can't find just means you have to work harder and have a competitive advantage of some kind against the million other investors thinking it's a hot market right now.

Each city has annual tax lien sales.  Just ask the tax collector when the next one is and how to get info on the tax liens available for sale for the next auction.

@Abe B. I have written letters to municipalities and they send me back a detailed explanation of their process.  If that does not work I have gone to the clerk/municipality and asked in person as well.  There are lists that include properties from years back but it depends on whether anything was left over from the sales or not.  I agree with @Kevin K. about Hudson county though.  It is very difficult with institutions coming in to purchase the liens.