Tax Delinquent Properties In Texas

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How long can a homeowner go without paying their property taxes in Texas?

I'm a wholesaler here in Texas and I've been told that the tax delinquent list is some of the best leads if you pull the ones who haven't paid their taxes in over 2 years.

The problem is that they're not located in Texas (they're located in North Carolina) and I'm wondering if the same laws and scenario would apply in this state if I pulled the list of tax delinquent properties over 2 years. 

Any advice or past experience would greatly help!

Laws are going to vary widely from state to state, so even without knowing NC law I am pretty sure it isn't the same, it may still be a good lead list though, the only way to find out is test it for yourself.

It depends on the county and the taxing entities.  Ive seen one go to sale recently only behind a year.  Saw one in Dallas a couple of months ago that must have been delinquent about 20 years.   

Some counties don't have great lists.  Some probably do.   Some have short lists....

Just like any other lead source it is not always quick easy profitable deals to be had.  It is still work.  You need to be a good skip tracer and then a good negotiater.  Work hard and you will find some deals this way.  If you are calling enough people other deals will also fall in your lap.

Best wishes