Alabama tax property situation!!!!!

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(Alabama Tax investors). Hope you all is well. I have a situation. Short and sweet.  I purchased a vacant tax property, made repairs, then received redemption affidavit from taxpayer, certified mailed them improvement invoice within 10 days. It's been over 10 days and taxpayers have not appointed a referee nor contacted me. What is the next step for me if I don't hear from them? They also boarded up every entry to the property after I made repairs and forced possession back.

@Keith Grady , you probably want to contact the Jefferson County redemptions department to get an update on the status. And in the future, you may want to include a statement that says your signature is null and void after a certain amount of days; that way if they have not redeemed within a certain amount to time, you should be able to continue to make preservation improvements.

This post is a little bit old, but I'd like to hear what happened in your situation.