Whats up with VA forclosures?

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I'm in the national guard and had drill over the weekend, while we were sitting around waiting for whatever we were supposed to be doing there was guy talking at us about a bunch of different stuff. One of these things was VA forclosures, he said that they have a list of forclosures and they'll lend both the purchase price and the repair costs. I've never heard of this before it this really a thing? If so does anyone have any experience with it?

Yes, the VA does foreclose on loans that vets stop paying on and those properties can be purchased. They sometimes include money for some repairs too.

This government website has a link to the company that manages these homes and you can see what VA homes are for sale. Most, maybe all, are listed on the MLS.


My parents bought a VA foreclosed home in the 1970's its an old program to resell foreclosed homes.

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