Where is the best place to obtain tax deliquint property list?

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Hello. I would like to know where and how to go about acquiring a tax delinquent properties list?  I live in North Carolina, and would like to move into this market, but unsure how.  Appreciate any advice. Thanks. 


@Donna Lowe    Start with your local tax office or county appraisal district.  Sometimes you hear a lot of "no"s so just keep trying until you find the right person.  You can also look at your different taxing entities.  Even though in some places one organization collects taxes for multiple taxing jurisdictions....for example the county may collect for, the county, the city, the school district, the hospital district, the community college district, the water supply, the noxious weed control district, etc, the individual entities may have lists too they would give you.   I have had some districts give me the list, and some want to charge for it.

If all else fails you might could file an open records request.   Also you might be able to get it from the law firm that handles tax collections.  Or as a last result, you might could pay someone for the list....there are list providers.   You might also check with your title company to see if it is something they have access to, or if their tax record provider has access to it.

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