Beaurfort SC - Property Tax Seized

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Hey All - So I'm a Massachusetts based investor visiting Parris Island and Beaufort South Carolina.  I've noticed several houses that were vacant and one in particular that is seized by the town.  

Since I don't know all of the laws and how SC works with this stuff I figured I'd ask my fellow BPers.  The house was tax sold last October for back taxes of $5600 plus a personal property tax of $600.  I've never heard of a Rental Personal Property Tax so if someone could explain to me what that is that would be great.  What the tax office told me is they have until October to redeem the tax sale, pay off the back taxes and get the house back.  Is there anything I should know regarding this?  In Massachusetts it's rear to find the towns actually taking the house so I don't have very much experience on this but I have always wanted to start investing in SC so this would be a start.  Any input you have, any advice, and suggestions would be helpful.  Thanks! 

@Bernard Chouinard I buy tax liens in the SC. I have several houses that I have acquired from tax sales. I have never heard of a personal property tax being added to real estate property taxes. If you are interested in the property I would track down the current owner and see if they will sell it to you cheap before they loose it. Then you as the new owner can go pay off the back taxes before being lost in October to the investor that bought the tax lien.

I am a realtor in Beaufort as well as purchased in the past but never heard of that either.  Our county is notorious for errors in tax liens as I went through the hell and hassles that you don’t never hear about.  Call me if I can help in any way I will