HUD, Foreclosure lists?

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I went on a search for HUD/Foreclosure homes in a city about an hour away. In conducting a web search there are plenty of websites that come up charging monthly fees.

Is there a good website to use or is the best way to go about make a trip to their city hall and retrieve the list?

All HUD homes that I know about are on the HUD website... It's free. You don't need to pay for a list. These have gone through foreclosure and are ready for sale by HUD. Remember there is an exclusive period when they first come on the market generally 5-15 days, where only owner/occupants can bid, not investors....after that anyone can bid, but I think preference is still to owner/occupants.

You'll need a HUD registered agent/broker to bid.

From what I see there aren't that many HUD homes any more in most areas of Texas...there are some, but not like the old days...7-8-10 years ago. Mainly due to price run up....and maybe with lenders trying to work with people to stay in the house. only has the HUD foreclosures....or REOs. If you want preforeclosure lists, or list of all foreclosures that will be sold for cash on the courthouse steps probably the paid list is the way to go...if there is one for the county you're interested in. If it is a big county like Harris, Travis, Bexar, Dallas, Tarrant, etc there will be several providers of lists most likely. Not all counties probably have paid lists. If you need the paid list let me know what county you're interested in and we can give you the contact list for some providers we use or have used. Normally will be $30-$40/month.

Bought my first 2 homes from HUD after the 2008 crash.

Now the banks hold on to them jack up the price look for fools to buy them. then finally lower the price if no takers.

So many bidders on junk makes it hard to find anything worth buying at the asking price .