Negotiating OTC Tax Deeds

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Hi. I wanted to find out if anyone had successfully negotiated and purchased OTC Tax Deeds, preferably in Florida. Although the county has a purchase amount + accrued taxes, was there room to make a lower offer that the county accepted or were they strict with the taxes owed purchase amount? 

For example: $9,500 OTC tax deed that didn't sell in 2016 went up to $10,100 with accrued taxes from 2017 & 2018 but county accepted purchase amount of $9,800.


Where are you?  I'm in Texas where most OTC are very very much the leftovers.  Occasional gem, but they're like the needle in the haystack.  Every county is different.  Some just put them in the next 2-3 auctions and see if they will sell again.  Some put them in the next auction with a reduced price.   One of the attorney's told me when they do this they almost always sell the 2nd time for more than the original minimum bid where no one that's interesting.  Some will take offers, but it is work for the attorneys and all the people involved so I would think in most cases the bids need to be reasonable...maybe not for $1....maybe more like 50-75% of the original minimum, but I think every property is different and every situation is different.   In Tarrant County where Ft. Worth is they have a "closed bid" sale of OTC properties....and they publish the results once the bids are opened and accepted.    You can see their instructions here:

@Bruce Lynn ...I'm in South Florida but I am looking at properties throughout Florida counties. In Florida counties there are "Lands Available For Taxes", which means OTC. All you have to do is email/call them with a request of the most recent purchase amount and once they provide it you have a certain time-frame to purchase it for that price. It's really straightforward. You're right, it's hard finding gems but I've found some in certain counties but wanted to see if I can make a lower offer without ruffling feathers, if you know what i mean. I'm not sure if there is a way to ask or not since I've never made a counter/lower offer when asking for current purchase prices.

For Florida I would hunt down Sandra Edmond.   I think she is your local expert there and located around Palm Beach area.

Also you might just call the county and you take offers.   In Texas every county is different.  Some do, some dont.  It also might depend on who you talk to.  You talk to the attorney they might tell you "NO", talk to the tax office they might say yes.  They all might tell you NO until you submit an offer....then they might be required to work it.   Some tax/appraisal offices may not know what to sometimes it is just a matter of getting in front of the right person to ask.

@Olubunmi Adeboye Jr. As far as I know, FL tax collectors do Not negotiate on the Lands Available properties.  If you saw a small discount, I think they just excluded the additional Current taxes due, which would not Have to be paid in a sale, but will still be due and accruing.

If you find any different, please do let me know.  I went through the palm beach county list a couple of times, and it was obvious why no one was buying these junkers for the minimum prices.

@Wayne Brooks ...Miami-Dade has some decent OTC vacant land properties. They have a few in low income neighborhoods. I also checked in Orange and Osceola counties and they have a few properties but the issue is that the tax balance is high which is the reason why i was looking to negotiate b/c the retail value is much lower than the taxed owed.

@Wayne Brooks ....It depends. I'm not sure how familiar you are with Broward and Dade market but low income neighborhoods property values have been increasing substantially. I've been following the trends. I cant find a vacant lot in Liberty City going for less than 60k retail (last i checked). Forget about Overtown which parts of it has been greatly gentrified (i.e Wynwood).  They've built new properties in the Liberty City area starting at 250k.