Tax Deed auction start early barment

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Hi everyone

i bought tax deed from auction 9 month ago, and i know and i know i have wait 12 month to start filling  for barment,

my question is can start publishing in newspaper and serving the right of redemption letters now , and date the deadline redemption date for the 30 days after the one year. i mean can i start barment now and i will count 13 month to the deadline date for foreclosed and barred ?


@Samy Habib Appears you can definitely start notifications now... consider getting an attorney involved for advice please.

A quick search on Google provided some good information as shown below.  If you are very interested in the property and want to secure it fully then you need to look up the named owners and get good addresses for them.  If the owner(s) have passed away then you should take the time to notify their successors.  Finally, conduct a title search of county records on this property and include any lien holders in your notifications.  

After 12 months from the date of the tax sale, the purchaser can forever
bar redemption of the property by giving notice to the delinquent
taxpayer, the occupant, if any, and upon all persons having recorded any
right, title, interest in, or lien on the property in the county where
the land is located. The purchaser must write an original notice in
accordance with Georgia law, and deliver this notice, together with a
list of persons to be served, to the sheriff of the county in which the
real estate is located. The notice must be delivered not less than 45
days before the date set in the notice for termination of the right of


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