Case study Question, After-Tax Sale proceeds

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Hey guys,

I'm working on a case study for an apartment complex. There is a loss on sale in the first 4 years and then a small gain on year 5. The case study analysis shows an increase in sale proceeds after-tax, meaning there was a gain in federal tax on sale. Is this a mistake? How is it possible for the after-tax sale proceeds to be greater than the before sale proceeds? I'm not really sure how this works.  

In the real world, very few property tax sale investors would consider owning an apartment complex "tax title" for five years. I suspect @Uri Pearl is discussing IRS taxes in respect to earnings on the apartment but still the thought of owning a tax title for 5 years is frightening to me.  :)

For any readers, this is why you make simple investment choices. Don't let someone convince you that real estate options or short sales are a way to make quick cash. The legal consultations and resulting fees must be weighed into your costs of ownership in these cases.