Hi! As my title says, I am a complete newbie to the world of investment real estate and have grown really interested in tax lien sales in my state (NJ) but need help clarifying some things. I am scheduling a webinar to learn more about the site in question (RealAuction.com) but I wanted to ask a community of experienced folk a couple questions in hopes to understand a little better. I attached a picture of a sample property found on the site. My questions involve the "Sale Price" section of the listing. Specifically, I am wondering 1. What exactly does "Sale Price" mean? Is that purchasing the deed to the home in addition to the lien on the house? 2. If yes to the latter, does that imply that a lien holder can foreclose early on the home if the deed is purchased (before the usual 2 year period)? 3. What does this mean for the homeowner/ current resident?

Again, I am extremely new to this concept so my questions may sound uneducated and simple. Thanks for the help!