Utah Property Tax Lien Sale

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The sales are happening this month or next in Utah. I know the process is not as simple as it appears at first and it varies from state to state. I'm most concerned about getting a clear title. Does anyone have any experience in Utah?

Make sure to check the county websites and see which counties are having the sales and which are not.  I know Utah County has cancelled their sale until 2021. Washington County appears to be holding theirs on May 28th.

I am new to the game so I don't have experience purchasing a Tax Lien property yet, but am definitely looking at them as a possibility as well.

You won't be able to insure the title on these properties.  The national underwriters will only insure them after a 4 year holding period.  So if you plan on selling them or refinancing them before then, you will have to do a quiet title action.

This will cost $1500-2500.  So factor that in.

I'm only familiar with the northern counties, but deals are few and far between.  Assessor's really work with owners.  All that's left are junk lots and the very rare opportunity.

There was some good discussion here a few years back on Utah Tax Sales.  Do a search for them as well.

William, thank you. 

Do you know what would be the status of any loans or liens on the property after the sale?

 You're right about mostly junk lots. There are a couple of really nice houses but if they sell, I expect them to be out of my price range.  I was really looking at very inexpensive old Mobile or Manufactured homes on land that I could rent out or replace the home and then rent it out.

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Thanks for your suggestion to look for past discussions.

A property tax lien buyer should always refer to the state's constitution for answers about how the process goes and to get details on lien forgiveness. https://le.utah.gov/xcode/Titl...

As per a ruling in the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT, you need to get confirmation that a notice has been served to all former owners and if needed their heirs.  I generally file copies of confirmation of these notices in the county/parish courthouse under the property description and parcel number to ensure there is no future questions about validity of the sale. SOURCE:  https://www.cbclaw.com/Newslet...

If you cannot get a due process notification many properties remain secure in your hands simply because you are the only acting owner taking care of the land and in the eyes of the local Sheriff you are the bonafide owner of the property.  As a result, renting out these lands is an excellent way to handle your investment.

Cheers and remember, your actions are patriotic in my eyes.  Anyone who supports our nation through payment of unpaid taxes believes in America and our way of life!

We went to the sale because there was a manufactured home on an owned lot still up for sale along with 4 somewhat random lots. We found that the home was not available because the taxes were paid. Unfortunately, the assessor had not updated the website because we drove 20 miles to find that out.  It was a somewhat interesting experience but not particularly useful for us.