Tax Deed Sales in California

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New here! I am trying to learn about Tax Deed Sales (in California) and so far I have learned how to find out about the property through county and city clerk records, zillow, double check the parcel # to make sure its not a property line or unwanted slice of land, do a drive by, come up with an idea of what the max bid would be, and I am aware of the 1 year right for the owner to redeem the property (in California). I am trying to find out more how to minimize risks, specifically with land with a home on it. When I call the county office of where the auction is, I was basically told that they only send a notice of sale letter to the owner on file and not to any potential lends, heirs, or other people who might have a stake in the property. Any advice would really be appreciated! Hoping to get a house at a deal, fix up, and use as a rental property for the long term. First time looking into this (months of researching lately though) and any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks so much!

Be very careful.  When I lived in CA these properties were problem properties, or they sold well over their value.