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Somewhat New Agent trying to start...Again

Posted Jan 19 2022, 14:46

Hi All,

I got my license at the end of 2019, I was so excited and ready to absorb everything with an agent that was "mentoring" me...then COVID happened and since being a Postal Clerk, I am essential and I am working long hours (my mentor works as a contractor for the post office so he was in the same boat as well).

Fast forward till now, my schedule has gotten back to normal where I am 9-5, but I haven't done anything with my license and now my mentor has been focused more on his own personal property flips and kinda tells me to go out a get clients and call him to help with the process.

Is it that normally what your supposed to do as a new agent. Go off and find someone and get help on the deal, or should there be some kind of training or what not on how am I atleast supposed to obtain clients?

Please help, I feel lost and frustrated 🥴.

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