Need a Tampa realtor with investment property experience

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Hello BP Community,

I work for a company on the east coast of Florida in Ft. Pierce and we recently got a large contract with the Tampa Veteran Administration that could last 8-12 mths. Management is exploring buying a property in the Tampa, near Busch Gardens and I'd like to get some referrals for real estate agents who could assist with locating a property that could be used as temporary housing for company employees as well as be used as a a STR when we don't have employees staying there.

If you are an agent and have knowledge of that area of Tampa as well as analysis of investment properties please message me. I will plan on going over to Tampa sometime after the 17th of this month and could meet in person.

Thanks in advance,

Joe Garvin

Hey @Joe Garvin ,

Hows it going man! I am a wholesaler down here in Tampa and I have access to about 30-40 off market properties a month throughout Tampa Bay.

In regards to an investment friendly realtor, I would suggest @Tom Parris . He is an experienced realtor in Tampa who works with a lot of investors. 

Best of luck!

@MartinBrady, sorry but I have been off the site for a while. Are you still looking for an investment property in Tampa? I would be more than happy to help you find one.