Texas Licensing Exam Prep Course?

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Does anyone have any suggestions on a prep course for the Texas state exam. I’m a broker in East Texas, but I have a prospective new agent working on his license. He’s completed his education and is ready to take his exam, but is nervous and would really like a little more practice. I do most of my education through champions and have been very pleased, but was looking for a few more recommendations to pass along.

Thanks .

@Wes Kilpatrick

The Dearborn real estate exam app is really good if they want to have something on the go to practice. Kaplan also has a more comprehensive prep course.

But if you are already using champions with them I think they will do fine, champions is one of the top course providers in Texas.

I'd vote for Champions.  I did not take the prep for my salesperson or broker license.  I wish I would have for the broker's license, but exam time came too fast and I thought might as well do it.  Luckily I passed 1st time both times, but I sure would have felt better about doing the prep class and recommend everyone do it.  Too many people fail too many times, even people I think are pretty smart people.

@Kobe Xin you seem to know a lot about the classes. And seeing your from Houston do you know any good courses that are 3 days long? I have aceable agent now but it seems like it will take me forever. I know covid has most stuff like that shut down but it would be easier for me to go in with out 3 kids screaming to get it done lol.