Licensed Real Estate Broker Acting as Principal

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I hold an active Calif Real Estate Brokers license, but I am a corporate pilot and have not performed any professional real estate services in over 10 years. When purchasing an owner-occupied residence for my family & me to live in, I want to act as my own broker in order to collect the buyer's agent commission. Must I be a member of NAR, CAR or a local board in order to collect a commission in this scenario? In my situation, I don't think the cost would be worth it if not required. Also, what forms can I use for the Calif Residential Purchase Agreement, etc.? I have heard you must be a member of the local board of Realtors since these forms are proprietary.

Thank you!

If you haven't practiced in 10 years do you still have MLS access? How are you going to schedule showings - do you have access to showing services that most agents now use? Access to an electronic key to enter homes? Access to the docs you need? If you are without those resources, you will be very limited to complete this search and purchase. It would probably more practical to get an agent to at least assist with your limitations and just ask for a very large referral fee instead.