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Hello everyone,

I am a new Real Estate agent in Key West, Fl and am looking for advice. I work a full time job M-F and dedicate my off time to real estate. I am having a difficult time figuring out what would be the most productive use of my time. Calling every number in my cell phone does not strike me as the best thing for a couple reasons. I live in a new city so 99% of my contacts do not live anywhere close to where I work. I recently ran my first Facebook ad, I used a listing from another agent (with their permission) and it had a ton of views/clicks but didn’t generate any leads. That being said I think a consistent ad presence can be beneficial. Also being a millennial I believe social media can be extremely beneficial, I don’t currently have the creative ability to come up with unique posts and to come up with them consistently. Has anyone used Fiverr to creat social media content?

Starting out what is the most productive use of time?

If you could go back to your first few months in real estate what would you focus on?

Thanks in advance for any help/advice

@Tyler Sullivan

You are working with limited time constraints, so you’re going to need to hustle harder on nights and weekends to service your clients effectively. Open houses are still great resources for motivated buyers. The biggest bang for your buck will be to contact every agent in your office that has a new listing (that isn’t already under contract) and offer to host an open house for them. Get out in front of real buyers in your area. This will work with your schedule and open houses are packed these days.

I agree with with @Mason Hickman offered here. Based on your M-F 9-5 situation, you are going to need to maximize your off-work time for face-face interaction and use your evenings/early morning for more digital presence time investments. 

I agree with you that social media can/should play a big role for you, particularly since you are new to the area.  Although, don't neglect your sphere!  Just because 99% of those numbers in your phone don't live in your area, doesn't mean you can't help them or their friends/family with real estate.  As an agent you can collect referral fees by simply offering to connect them with a qualified and helpful agent in the area in which they are searching.  

I've never had a ton of success with FB, but I was a WAY latecomer to the platform entirely, not bothering to even sign up until i had a real estate license.  Personally I gravitate towards IG, so I focus my marketing effort there and just have it auto slide to FB too.  As for creating content, don't reinvent the wheel.  Create a few templates that are reusable and swap out photos and addresses as necessary. is great for free templates, but I bet your firm has a marketing suite filled with ready to use and appropriately marked templates too.  

Host those open houses for sure just as Mason said, and market them through your social media. You can maybe ask the listing agent for high res photos directly to avoid pulling grainy watermarked images off the MLS. Same goes for any listings taken by your firm. Ask the listing agent if they mind you using the listing to do some marketing. I would venture that none would take offense as long as you didn't credit yourself as the listing agent.

Also, if you connect with a lender partner you can ask to use a service called offer shareable social media content daily that helps inform potential clients and keep you top of mind with your sphere.

Hope some of that was helpful!

If I where you I will hire I lead generation company specialize on RE Agents.  and then have a Filter leads or a company that does all that and nurtures does leads while you worm the 9-5.

( but make sure it makes since financially , remember is an investment for it may come with a risk but if the prospective expectations seem possible you might be able to pull it off)  

I'm saying this cos most of these companies at best charge you a minimum of like 1000-1600 a month ..  ( and you get a web page, landing page and a bunch of other stuff, once you have that you can promotes as well on your own Social media.   

Also I know a specific brokerage that literally provides all that ( you just need to follow up with the leads ) they give you a territory and is exclusive to you , so every thing that pops there is yours ( within the same brokerage)  (I AM NOT LINKED TO THEM NOR PART OF THEM ) I just know about them..

though it comes with a price and the price is that you only get 50% of commission ..  ( thats it) .

I also liked what @Mason Hickman said too.

I think you are looking for a quick fix for a part-time work problem, which doesn't exist. Any recommendations to outsource your social media content only makes it look like everyone else's and personalized, thereby putting a savvy buyer or seller off because they know it's canned. If you are new to Key West, you should be using your free time from 9-5 to network in the real estate and real estate-adjacent sphere. Is there a high producer in your office who needs help so you can grab some Open Houses? Don't discount your contacts. Lots of people are coming to Florida and plenty may want to do an Airbnb in Key West.