Crypto Currency in Real Estate

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Been hearing this topic being whispered around and wanted to hear everyone’s thoughts:

Thoughts on Crypto currency entering the real estate world and as a form of payment in the future?

I feel it is way too volatile to take as payment right now.  I would rather take payment in dollars and reinvest into crypto if that's something you want in your portfolio.  I would like to hear other peoples thoughts on the future too. 

Crypto not interesting....but blockchain is.  Think if pictures for example had blockchain security so that they couldn't be appropriated by rogue websites.....or that properties could be assigned code so that title search and transfer was more secure (and significantly less costly.)   That would be interesting, beneficial, and save us all some headaches and money.

@Kirbi Campbell I am currently holding and believe in a proof of stake crypto called ADA that runs on the Cardano blockchain. I used my profit on it to buy my first property and am trying to find a way to use it to accept rent and execute lease agreements. They just finished a deal with Ethiopia to run their education sytem on the Cardano blockchain. Smart contracts come out in a matter of months. I think blockchain will change real estate investing and the world. I am excited to see what applications crypto has in the real estate world