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Wisconsin Real Estate Agent needed in various cities
Hey all! This is my first post on Bigger Pockets. I have stood on the sidelines for years as I have had 99% of my questions answered by just casually searching through the forums. I am taking a more active role in... View more
Need a FL Contact
Hi All, I need a agent near Tampa FL, to help me find a house in 2-3 Month. I'm currently in CA, and flying down there in Feb or earlier if I find a deal I'm interested. I need a Agent for MLS, and contact info when... View more
RE agent needed Leesburg Florida
I am in need of a RE agent in Leesburg, FL. Looking for someone who covers Lake, Marion & Sumter counties. Does anybody have any names of RE agents that they would recomend?
Referral partnership with an International Company
Hey ! As I have understood till yet, paying referral fees to a non real estate professional is illegal in the USA (in most of the states). If company (or an individual for the matter) from outside the US would like... View more
florida real estate agent
Good Evening, Looking for any ideas on obtaining Florida Real Estate Licensure. Is the licensure classes available online? Any ideas of good real estate schools in Florida would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Is this name too confusing for a brokerage firm?
I registered the domain '' a year ago and was thinking about moving out of the firm i'm working for and starting my own under this name. do you think calling my new company 'Escrow Brokerage' would... View more
Commercial real estate sales
I have been rehabbing & wholesaling single family houses for about 7 years and appraising commercial real estate for about 10 years. I am getting bored/tired of these activities and have been kicking around the... View more
If you had the chance to start over...
If you had the chance to start over Background: I was a broker owner of a small real estate brokerage for 6 years. The last 3 years I have been GM of a company in another industry. In the last year my partner and I... View more
New College Grad- Commercial or Residential??
Greetings BPers! Looking for some feedback from you seasoned veterans out there... I'm at a crossroads in my life right now. Just completed my degree in Business/Entrepreneurship from San Jose State and passed the... View more
Pros and cons of dual agent
Some states, like Indiana, allow dual agent, and some don't. Even in states where dual agent is allowed, some agencies don't allow it themselves. This makes me think of pros and cons of dual agency. The pro I can come... View more
How do commercial agents find clients?
Hi; I know that residential agents will typical work a neighborhood by sending postcards, knocking on doors, setting up a website, and doing everything they can to "own" a neighborhood. But how does a commercial... View more
Any residential realtors have success catering solely to investors???
I'm in the process of signing up with a broker, as I've just passed my CA RE exam. I'm looking forward to hittin the ground running and can't wait to close some deals. However, my aim is to strictly target investor... View more
Agents and Low ball offers
Hello all. Newbie Here! I am looking at a property that I would definitely like to make an offer on. From what I have supposedly heard from the agent, the seller is extremely stiff on the price. The house... View more
Scripts for cold calling, prospecting, etc.
Can anyone recommend a good resource for scripts? Preferably online and preferably free. I did a quick Google search and didn't come up with anything to good, it was mostly people selling coaching. I'm sure there must... View more
Looking to sign up as an agent with a reputable broker in the Santa Cruz/South Bay area, any referrals?
Hey BP community, I just obtained my CA RE license and am looking to take the dive into residential brokerage (with an emphasis on working with residential properties and investors). Can anyone recommend a particular... View more
Condominium Buyers
Greetings everyone: I hope that all is well. I am a Realtor in Maryland and new to the BiggerPockets community. I am interested in farming to condo buyers, but not exactly certain of how to go about finding the... View more
Is it normal for an agent to step out....
We had a showing at our home today....the agent stepped outside to take a cigarrette break, leaving the buyer inside alone for 10 minutes, then putting the cigarette out onto our exterior concrete patio. Is it... View more
Brokerage: Wholesaling & Per Residential Sale Fee's
I have my real estate license, and I will be using it solely for MLS data when wholesaling. With that being said many of the brokerages I have contacted require a fee of some sort per residential sale e.g. ($175 per... View more
Is a RE license necessary??
I've been marketing online and through advertisements looking to buy homes. I've done several deals now from these marketing efforts where I have essentially assigned the contract to a Rehabber here in the Bay Area.... View more
Agency/Disclosure Question
As a licensed real estate broker, I know you must verbally disclose to a seller that you are an agent. But if you work with an unrepresented seller (ie an FSBO seller) as the buyer in a transaction, are you creating... View more
Possible problems with title looming
How many agents who work with REO properties are disclosing to their buyers that they may not have a clear title to that property? Went to the local REI meeting last night and they were discussing how the banks and... View more