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DISC personality tests
Hey BPers,  I want to give the DISC personality test to my Team so we can take our communication and functionality to the next level. After Googling DISC tests, many different companies come up. Does anyone know if... View more
Out of State Referrals
Hi All, I have a couple of questions. I'm currently in RE school planning to take the state test next month. So far so good but I'm not seeing in the curriculum anything about laws regarding referrals across state... View more
Real Estate Leads Management Software
I'm looking into options for a new Real Estate leads management software. Something very basic, just enough to input client information and keep track of my leads. What are your recommendations?
I Am Almost Legal --I Will Be Soon!
I registered my corporate name with the State of FL for my new brokerage. It is called Wealth Realty And Property Management, Inc. My application for the brokerage license is in the works! Purchased Buildium for PM... View more
Dialysis Centre NNN lease
Hello,I am very close to buying a dialysis center with a long term tenant on NNN lease. This will be my first investment and the amount of investment is making me nervous.The biggest concern is what if tenant leave.... View more
Fire my Agent? Agent buys deal instead of closing for client
When I asked about the status of a deal my agent was trying to line up for me, he (to his credit) told me he and his partners just put it under contract and that he would keep looking for a deal for me.I’m new to... View more
Becoming an Agent? Training Programs?
I'm considering getting my real estate license (in Indianapolis, Indiana), and becoming an agent. Are there any training programs with any agencies that you would recommend? Or are there any steps that anyone would... View more
Mentor brokerages in Houston
Good morning everyone!! Would love to get some feedback from experiences real estate agents in Houston. Anyone know of really good brokerages in the Houston area that have great training and mentoring for starting off... View more
Georgia real estate license reciprocity?
Hey all!Just completed a cross-country relocation to Atlanta, GA, after moving out to Portland, OR a little over a year ago from NYC (whew!). My question is - how easy is it to obtain licensure in GA via reciprocity... View more
Looking for a turnkey provider that's in multiple markets.
Hey guys/gals, I'm looking to get into real estate investing and as much as I would love to do BRRRR I just don't see myself doing that at this moment.So I'm looking for a Turnkey provider that is located in multiple... View more
California Agents- S-Corporation
Any California agents have an S-corporation to avoid self employment taxes? I heard in California, agents are not allowed to form LLC's to then elect S-corp status. Is this true?
How to invest in real estate as a realtor in New Jersey.
The Covid-19 opens my eyes into real estate, which resulted into me getting my New Jersey Real estate license. However, I haven't made any sales since I started 3 months because of so much to learn. How do I leverage... View more
Real estate agents in Houston, TX
I am about to quit my job to start the progress to get my real estate license. I was wondering if established real estate agents do actually do internships or accept free work in exchange of experience ?
Realtor in Tallahassee
Hello,We need a Realtor to start buying. We are new to this. We are looking to buy our first house. Looking for a fixer upper for us to live in and then begin to purchase investment properties. So far the two agents we... View more
Texas Licensing Exam Prep Course?
Does anyone have any suggestions on a prep course for the Texas state exam. I’m a broker in East Texas, but I have a prospective new agent working on his license. He’s completed his education and is ready to take his... View more
Real Estate School
Can anyone out here in Denver, Colorado recommend a good school to get my real estate license?? I read some reviews on Kaplan and they weren't that good. Creschool seemed to have some positive feedback and was... View more
What advice would you give your day one/new-agent self?
Hello BP,I'm going to pass the state exam in the next 2-3 weeks. I wanted to know what advice would you give you self? What did you learn that you wish you knew starting out?
Looking for 4 plex in Tampa
I am looking to buy triplex or fourplex in Tampa-St. Petersburg area fast. Got bank qualification letter and want to close within next 30 days. Please contact. I am looking forward to working with you. Thank you.
Licensed Real Estate Broker Acting as Principal
I hold an active Calif Real Estate Brokers license, but I am a corporate pilot and have not performed any professional real estate services in over 10 years. When purchasing an owner-occupied residence for my family... View more
Ohio Real Estate License Question
Hey all!  Sorry if this is not the right place to post this, but I am really looking for some input from you guys on this!Long story short, I am going to take my RE Licensing  classes online (obviously) for now, and... View more
Investor friendly RE agent near Rowland, NC
Hello BP family,I have a single family rental in Rowland, NC.I live 5 hours away and I'm tired of trying to manage from a distance.I would like to sell it and need an agent to help me.Can anyone recommend an investor... View more
Real Estate Agent online course question (Texas).
I'm curious how some of you studied the course materials for the real estate agent licensure online. I'm really hitting a wall with the videos and I'm really thinking about bypassing them all together and just reading... View more
New Real Estate Agent!
Hi everyone, I just got my RE license in Anchorage AK and will be focusing on it full time in 2021. I'm very excited! Just wanted to see if anyone wants to help a new Agent connect, provide advice or anything else you... View more
BPO/CMA help please!
Hello! I am currently struggling with bpo/cma. I find it extremely difficult to master this skill, and I am well aware that this is a priority and critical if you want to be successful in real estate. I'd truly... View more