Do I have to work under someone to obtain a Real Estate License?

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I am contractor who builds homes and sells but also I have some rental properties. I'm interested in obtaining my real estate license but what are the requirements to get one in Ohio? I've heard you must work for someone for a certain amount of time but my real agenda is to just obtain access to MLS and use for my own deals. I feel like the agents I've used in the past would not be on board with this. Also I do have some commercial rental properties and is there a different type of real estate license to be able to find those listing on the MLS as well? Any feedback or advice would be great? Thanks.

I am in CT, not OH but I would assume you would need to work under a broker when you start out as an agent. You are not necessarily working "for" them depending on what type of brokerage you join. In my experience the smaller the brokerage the more flexibility newer agents are given because they typically invest less time and money in training, tech, etc...

For your situation it sounds like a smaller brokerage would work best. Don't close your mind to using your license as a revenue stream to represent buyers and sellers though. I started out like you did only wanting to become an agent because it gave me MLS access and now 7 years later I really enjoy the agent side of the business and have worked with a lot of great people.

@Michael Noto thanks for the feedback and I will look into it for sure. One more thing, if I have a property such as a new construction SFH, once I have my license I could list it myself correct?

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@Michael Frabotta Typically, you do your required schooling, take the state tests and you get your license.  It is not active/valid until you place it with a Broker.  However, most states allow you to place it with a home builder instead (you can only sell that builder’s homes though) I don’t think the builder has to be a broker.  So you may could place your license with your building company, check your state reg.s.  Even if you can’t, just place it with a broker, act as the agent for your sales and purchases.