Fee Only Broker/Agent

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I'd research the agent. The agents that are willing to reduce their commission off the bat might not be the best fit. What happens in negotiations? Will they stand their ground or fold? Interview 3-5 pick the one that fits you, don't solely base it on % or dollar amount. The extra money is worth it for an agent that'll service you and get the job done well. 

Not all full time agents are good by any means....but ask yourself.....are the good ones doing large discounts for 1 time clients they just met?

I just helped this flipper buy a property, and for reasons unknown to me, they hired someone else with way less experience to sell it on the back end. The agent they hired made 14 mistakes in the marketing of the property.  Sold $30k less than I expected it to sell it for.  I have no idea what that agent charged him, but in this case choosing an agent with a lot less experience in selling this particular home cost him a lot of money, erasing the entirety of his expected profit.