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Hi everyone, I'm a relatively new agent (passed the exam in January) and I'm trying to do all the things more experienced agents recommend to get started - networking, marketing to my SOI, contacting FSBOs and expireds, etc.

I just have a question though - many agents recommend calling FSBOs and expireds, but I'm having trouble locating phone numbers. Expireds obviously don't list their phone numbers on the MLS and the FSBOs I find are usually on Craigslist or online FSBO websites, neither of which list phone numbers. Am I missing something? How do you get phone numbers so that you can do all this calling that is recommended?

I have no problem going around to someone's house and door knocking, so I was planning on doing this since I don't have the numbers, but wanted to check if anyone had a tip I didn't know about.

Thanks in advance for any advice!!

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Edit: I've tried googling people and looking them up in online directories like White Pages with no luck. It seems all the services I find online are charging a fee to access the info.

Be aware that even if you do find a number, calling it may violate do-not-call restrictions. Sending letters is safer.

Jon makes a good point.

I also think you might get more benefit - as an agent - from door-knocking because:

1) The conversation would not start with "How the h*ll did you get my phone number?".
2) You have a better opportunity to make a great first impression in person as opposed to "cold calling".
3) Ditto on the better opportunity to get referrals - regardless of the status of their property, ask them if they know anyone who might be interested in listing or buying right now...

Good advice so far. However; not every homeowner is living in their house. Try spokeo for finding addresses and phone numbers, sometimes it even has email address.

Another thing you might want to consider, if you are going to farm a specific neighborhood, etc. you might put up a blog about the neighborhood, where you can give a little history of the area, new listings in the neighborhood, a calendar with school events, possibly list garage sales, etc. Maybe have a monthly give away for a dinner at a local restaurant or ? Maybe prettiest yard contest, best remodel, or ? Good luck!

Great replies, everyone! Thank you for the input! I'm glad my gut feeling wasn't far off when I thought face to face might be more effective than phone calls. I do feel a bit annoyed that so much of the reading and research I've done recommends phone calls...maybe the material is dated to back when everyone had a home phone that was listed in the white pages.

@Karen Margrave love the idea of the newsletter!

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