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So, my wife and I have plans to tear down our current house and rebuild on the lot at some point in the relatively near future. As we think about our needs/wants and what we don't want, we feel we would benefit greatly to just walk through a bunch of houses because looking at floor plans only helps so much.

Obviously it would be disingenuous to ask an agent to take us around to look at listed properties with no intention to buy, but what about finding/attending open houses on our own? If we really just want to walk through some houses to feel the flow and get ideas for our future plans, can we expect some understanding from the agent having an open house? Are they going to be irritated with us? Do we need to feign interest in actually purchasing the house?

Thanks in advance for any input.

Go for it. Just tell them that you are looking. You will have to sign in at the open house. Many people at open houses are just looking for decorating ideas or being nosey neighbors. I don't mind lookers if it is slow. Someone to talk to.

Don't feign interest or say you may be interested in the future. You will be pushed for contact info and they will bug you. Just be upfront. If the agent is irritated, that's their problem. At my opens, I never know when a nosy neighbor stops by, they may be a future client or know someone who will be, so I am good with everyone.

@JOAN DICKIE , thanks so much for the response. That's the attitude I'm hoping most agents will have.

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