I think I finally found a good local agent

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I have some exciting news!! after about a month of meeting with realtors and networking I believe I found a winner. Yesterday while searching BP for a local "investor friendly" agent I found Robins Rogers account. it seemed she wasnt very active lately on BP so I found her personal webpage and contacted her via email. I received this reply from her today.....

Hi, Dusty:

Thanks for your message! I'm sorry for the long delay in getting back to you. I have been putting out fires the last couple of days. When things calm down a bit, hopefully tomorrow, I will give you a call to discuss what you're looking for.
In the meantime, I'm attaching some info about how I do business and FAQ.
I look forward to talking to you soon!

Directions to your new investment property

Step 1: First, tell me what you’re trying to achieve. In order to help you find the properties that will

work for you, I need to know what your goals are and what kind of properties and tenants you are comfortable with. Tenants will become the most important people in your life, so pick a property to attract the tenants you want. Income and capital gains often represent two different ends of the scale, so I need to know which is more important to you.

Step 2: Sign a buyer representation agreement (the last page of this packet). This will make it official that I am working on your behalf and in your best interests only.

Step 3: Get pre-approved for financing and put a mortgage strategy in place. This will give you the edge in negotiating for the property you want, and sellers of many commercial and multi-family properties require proof of ability to purchase. I will recommend a local loan officer to you so you can compare rates and programs.

Step 4: Focus your search only on properties that meet your investment goals and budget. You may want to see a selection, but it’s often more cost-effective to secure the first property that meets your requirements than take up more time to find the best.

Step 5: Be prepared to act fast. If we find a good deal, there is an excellent chance that someone else is considering buying it, too. We want to avoid a multiple-offer situation in which the seller can pick and choose based on price and terms.

Step 6: I will give you a market analysis of sales prices and rental rates, if applicable, to help you determine a fair offer price. I will honestly and ethically represent your interests in negotiating the terms of your purchase, and you will always make the decisions.

Step 7: Once we have a contract, you’ll need to write some checks. Your earnest money will be deposited by the title company upon receipt, and your option fee needs to get to the sellers within 48 hours.

Step 8: I will arrange a real estate inspection. You are encouraged to attend, if possible. I can recommend inspectors, as well as contractors to handle any repairs or remodeling that may be needed. The inspector will provide a complete written report of the property condition, usually within one business day. This is one of the few items you will pay for before closing.

Step 9: Contact local utility companies to set up your accounts, unless your property manager does this. I will give you phone numbers and addresses. They will likely require deposits.

Step 10: I will conduct a final walk-through right before closing to make sure everything included in the purchase agreement is in order.

Step 11: Select a property manager or start advertising for tenants—I can assist you with this.

Step 12: Show up for closing ready to sign until your arm falls off! Some closings can be done by e-mail and fax, as long as you sign before a notary public. You will need certified funds (wired from your bank to the title company or cashier’s check to the title company), photo ID, and social security number to close.

Congratulations! You now have another addition to your portfolio!

@Dusty Warner

Sounds like a great buyer's agent. I like the layout of information and detail included.

What is your strategy to buy and hold? This seems like what she is gearing towards.

yessir... I'm looking at buy and hold.

Great! Seems like a great match! Hope everything works well! Maybe in the future you can detail how the first purchase went and how the realtor worked out.

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