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Hello everyone,

I'm finishing up college this summer and looking to get into the real estate industry in New York City. I am just looking for additional information if anyone is familiar with the licensing process over here. I'm mostly looking to get involved in commercial real estate and was wondering...

1. Do I need to get my residential license first and then additional certificate for commercial, or can you get your commercial without getting your residential license?

Regardless I'm probably going to get both as well as the property management certificate. Based in New York City most people rent, so the renters market is huge, i'm assuming you can rent under your residential license and don't need some special certificate to rent to clients?

I am looking forward to all of your responses.


Darren, so it's just one license that allows you to sell/rent commercial and residential in New York State? There's no seperate licenses?

Correct. There are other associations that have certificates or training programs where you can earn designations and further your education if you want to better understand commercial but none of them are required by the state.

If you're interested look into IREM, CCIM, NAIOP, NYSCAR.

@Christian D. That's correct.  One license does it all. As @Derek Carroll said you can get different designations however your license will be the same and you can focus on anything you like.  

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