I'm in the Newest batch of Licensed MA Real Estate Agents

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I passed my MA real estate exam last Monday :)  I've joined the latest crop of agents in the state of MA.  Next up is the Vermont license.

I plan on using it for commission on the buyer (mostly me buying) side of transactions.

Where are you hanging your license in MA?

@Brian Ortins  

I have no idea yet.  My instructor wasn't kidding, the recruitment flyers have been coming in non stop for a week now.

Do you have a suggestion?  I'm looking for a place with minimal desk fees, and doesn't mind me doing seriously part time work.

Congrats Aaron!

It is very useful for investing around here IMO.

Where you hanging your licence?

Congrats! My franchise usually has minimal monthly fees, but you need to check with each office as they have one base rate, but could have add ons like Realtor.com fees or other advertising fees. Also check on the brokers rake on commission too as that can make up for low desk fees.

Hey @Aaron Montague  

If you haven't decided where to hang your license inbox me I believe you would really love the company I am with. Best of luck to you.


Thanks for all the help folks!  I've found myself a great place to hang my sign :)

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