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As a Famous Rapper sings, "Started from the bottom.." Im currently at the bottom but thats not holding me back. Min wage job, on welfare, kid and no car. Its not going to stop me from going to the top. I just passed my exam and sent in the paperwork for my application. How much do I need to start up? and do any of you know any agencies that pay their people base + commison? any help helps! And thanks for the replies. Soon I'll be helping others. Hope you do too!  

@Jorge Ortega  Welcome to BP. First off let me say that I admire your tenacity, and desire to get ahead. 

I don't know of any offices that will pay agents while they are learning. The good thing is that you have a job to help you out. You may be able to work for an agent holding open houses, etc. and get paid for it to help you supplement your current income. However; without having a car, working in real estate will be extremely difficult, as you have to show properties, go look at listings, etc. 

So, the question is, how can you get to where you want to go, the next step, with what you have to work with? I don't know what your skills or abilities are, but you need to take an inventory of yourself, what are your strengths? What do you know how to do? 

Maybe you can put up some free ads saying something like " Newly licensed - Hungry to learn real estate business - with little resources. Need paying position. Any opportunities will be considered" etc. Also, go talk to a few brokers and see if they can help. (Don't be offended if people think you're crazy. I've had that a few times over the years on a deal or two, and proved people wrong!) 

On your profile picture, maybe you can reload your pic and adjust it. 

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