Land Lease Example for Farmers Market

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I am looking for an example land lease for a farmers market. If anyone has one they could share with me, I'd really appreciate it.

this is an interesting topic, and I love farmer's markets/have worked at several. You're trying to lease land to a farmer's market, or find someone to lease you land for the fm?

I'm a leasing rep and one of my properties is a community strip center located in area of the city with a lot of community pride/interest in locally sourced products. A few of the local merchants approached me about setting up a farmer's market the center's parking lot. Having never done a deal like this, I didn't have a lease template. Furthermore, the total value of the deal was so low, it wasn't worth the money to have an attorney draft one. In case you're curious, the farmer's market is going to pay about $700/month to use the parking lot every Saturday morning between 8 AM - 1 PM. I ended up just taking a stock retail lease and removing the provisions that are specific to inline retail--NNN, interior/exterior maintenance, etc.

One note on snow removal, the tenants in this center pay for their pro-rata share. Clearly, that's impossible to calculate for a tenant who only use the center for a few hours per week and doesn't occupy any part of the area we use to determine the pro-rata share of expenses. So, I struck a deal that the farmer's market would pay a flat $150 per snow removal occurrence.

The deal has been signed and they are set to open in June!

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