Suggested Real Estate License Courses in Denver?

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Hello. Could you suggest a good course in Denver for getting a Real Estate license? There are obviously a lot of choices out there. I work a mon-friday day job, so I am available on nights and weekends. Also, as a general discussion topic, would you suggest that I get my license or just work/partner with an established agent in my area? (familiar with investment deals of course)

@Tim Jones I got mine from Kaplan in Denver at Evans and I25. They offer a variety of times. I did mine during nights. I think it's more about what works for you. There are online courses but the one extended course I started via that mode I did not finish. If you are an online learner, that is the most flexible route. After that find a land based office closest to your home or work so you don't add a commute on top of extra study.

I recommend a license and I have one.

@Tim Jones I did the Armbrust REI online classes since I prefer to do the coursework on my own schedule. Several of my brokers have also used them and they have an excellent prep process and first time exam pass rate.

As for getting your license, it depends on what you want to use it for.  If you're selling a lot of houses or you want to work with the occasional client it's helpful.  Just remember that getting your license and learning how to run a real estate transaction are two completely different things. A good investment-friendly broker partner who is full-time in the industry can make you more money than you would save in commissions by giving you the advantage of their networks and experience.  I think the decision comes down to, what do you want to spend your time on in your investing.

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