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Hey BP ,

I am a realtor teamed up with Star Real Estate in the OC area. The reason behind this post is to find some investors who want to work with me . I want to be able to offer my services to Investors on finding deals for them and in turn representing them. If anyone is interested please comment below with questions or inputs. Lets get started!!

You're going at this the wrong way @Alex Duarte . You need to spend some time researching your market and doing the legwork to find the deals. If you find a deal, go see the property, run the numbers, run the comps, etc... After you have the deal, present it to some local buyers. Look around your area and see where the construction vehicles are parked. See what houses are being renovated and find out who owns them. See who owns the multifamilies in your area. Look at new construction projects and find out who the builder is. Investors don't care who they work with they just want the good deals. You need to prove yourself before an investor will work with you. Once they gain your trust they will look to you as a trusted advisor. Maybe try starting with friends and family. Get some money together and do a small deal. Show them what you can do for them. They will trust you and hopefully continue to do more deals and then you have the experience to show your past deals to new investors.  That's how it works. 

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