Want to be a agent. What should I be doing?

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Hello BP,

I currently live in Calgary Alberta and will soon be moving back to the states in approx. 6 months. So far I am deciding between Florida, California, S Carolina or Las Vegas. I know I want to be a realtor and am constantly checking blogs and forums like BP trying to learn about the field. My question is, what should I be doing now that would be beneficial for my career? Should I start building an online presence? Reading certain books? Saving money?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Definitely saving money!!!  It could be months before you ever see your first paycheck.

Also, start finding brokers in the areas you're thinking about and reach out to them.  Let them know you're planning on moving back and what you'd need to do to become an agent.

Start putting a marketing plan in place on how you're going to get listings.  Read The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller.


Aside from the other very true comments here I'd start watching the ongoing news from Inman and the local clubs where you intend to land.  The other topic that's of high interest to me right now is how is the RE community adapting to the inbound marketing concepts that are all the rage nowadays.  


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