Hello, I'm Joe from Orlando...

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Hi, not sure if this is the right place for introductions but thought I say hi anyways.  Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction... 

Anyways, I'm Joe Rodriguez a 14 yr. veteran in the business living in Orlando, FL.  I work with investors and love working with them.  I'm just here checking out Bigger Pockets. Catchy name, isn't it.   I'm all ears...

Welcome to BP Joe! From a fellow agent in Orlando. 

There is a new member introduction forum here: New Member Introductions

Thanks John!

welcome to BP 
read,ask questions,listen to the podcasts then get to work 
good luck @Account Closed

@ James- I've invested in the past, but am currently helping other with their real estate needs in Orlando.  I am a realtor. 

Thanks for all for the warm welcomes!  


Welcome! I just joined the community myself. I'm a new investor that is just starting out and BiggerPockets is a great resource!

Welcome to BP.

A great to place to network and learn.

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