Best "big/well known" agency to work for?

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Hey Sarah,

If your interest is in a company that has a strong focus and structure on training in my experience Keller Williams is one of the best out there, they have some great courses and programs for anyone that is starting from how to lead generate to how to do a buyer/seller presentation as well. I am sure you have a KW where you are in California you should check them out.

Good luck :)


Hi @Account Closed Keller Williams has a strong training focus.  This year Training Magazine named KW the #1 training organization in the world.  Below are a few links you might want to look at about KW.

 My wife and I are with Keller Williams in Allen, Texas. We have about 170 agents. It is a great environment for learning and getting to know more experienced agents. From what you say you might want to ask about becoming part of a team.

Good luck!

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