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Hello All,

I've recently passed my NJ real estate exam and I am looking for advice on companies to join as an entry level agent. This is an opportunity for me to learn more about real estate while trying to make money for investing. 

Hey @Albert Santana , what sort of things are you looking for in a brokerage?  That's probably the most important thing to first figure out.  However, I will say that it is always better to accept a lower commission split with the brokerage you choose if they provide value in other ways such as training, coaching, mentoring, and make you do more business because of the resources they provide.  Feel free to reach out via PM if you have any questions for me... I'd love to help you select one :).


Instead of figuring out what brokerage to go to, go find the top agents in your area and reach out to them (call, email, send mail, etc.) and tell them you're newly licensed and would like an assistant position.

Or, check Craigslist.org on the real estate job section to see who's hiring.  You won't get a better education than working for a top producer!  Plus, you'll probably get paid for it!

@David Hunter Thanks for the feed back I really appreciate it I never thought of that. I'll give it a try and I've searched around Craigslist and found a few post that interested me. To find top agents would a simple google search help me find them? Thanks again David.

You're welcome!

Yeah, you could Google.  Usually the agents who show up first re he busy ones.

You could also check Zillow and see which agents have all the listings in our area.

Or, just search all the brokers in your area and start going through all of their agents.

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