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Thank you Jesus.  Just passed my real estate exam!!!!  Is there any opinions on which company to hang my license with?

First let me say congrats! Me personally an partial to Keller Williams. I've been with them for over a year now and they have some outstanding training. I talked to other agents who started out, and their brokers didn't train them at all. 

Give me a call if you want some more info, or go to the link below.

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@Christopher Hunter

Congratulations on passing the exam! Treat yourself and celebrate the victory then prepare for the rubber to meet the road. You definitely need to join a firm that offers training. Take the lower commission split in exchange for the training. If you haven't already, get to your local board and pay them for MLS fees, NAR, state, and local dues. Interview several brokerages until you find the right fit. Your gut will let you know when you've found the one.

Congrats, Chris!  Last name "Hunter," eh?  We must be related!  haha

As far as which broker to go with, just start interviewing as many as you can.  Interview the big companies, interview the mom-and-pop shops, etc.  Find out what kind of training they offer, leads, support staff, etc.

Each office is different, so you have to find the one who offers what you want.

Just stopped by to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

@Michael Jobe Thank you Michael.  I have made contact with 3 companies.  Keller Williams, First Team, and Coldwell.  The interesting thing is Coldwell set up an appointment, Keller Williams told just to come on in and get signed up with them, and First Team did not even give me the consideration to even return my call.

@William Brown Thank you William.  How is the market doing in your area?  I will be looking at some investment property in the near future.

Congratulation! I passed mine a couple of weeks ago. I got my license solely for property management purposes no sales, but Keller Williams also told me to stop by and see them so I did just for the networking and they do have an amazing training program.

@Christopher Hunter Congrats on passing your test!

I'd look at the amount of training you'll receive and the office environment.  It's important to understand all the paperwork your clients will be signing and you'll get that with training.  I want to be surrounded by like minded people as well, which is why the office environment is important.  Just my 2 cents.

@David Hunter Thank you David.  Training is the number 1 factor I am looking for in a company.  I am going to be successful and I want to get off on the right foot.

@Robert Quinn Thank you Robert.  Training will be key for me.  I like on the job (OJT) and that is what I have been receiving form working with local investors on there flips here in Orange County.  I now can bring more value to my investors.

Originally posted by @Christopher Hunter :

@Stephen Haynes Congratulation to you.  Did you sign up with Keller Williams?

 No I Got into real estate to pursue residential property management I am the Businesses Development Manager for Real Property Management Sac-Metro. If I would have went into the sales side I probably would have went with Keller Williams because of there training at the Roseville Ca office it appears to be tops.

@Christopher Hunter  I was with KW under a large team called Agent Alliance out of the Mission Viejo office.  I learned a ton but I ended up leaving for something that made more sense.  In all honesty if I went where I currently am from the beginning I do believe my career would be further along.   I interviewed with First Team, KW, Coldwell, and a couple smaller shops.  Know that most will take a big portion off the top.  They will say something like 70/30 then there is the franchise fee E & O etc.  It gets crazy.(Agent Alliance is its own brokerage now for this reason)  

As important as training is.  You will really have no idea about the paperwork until you have to actually do it for a client.  So beforehand training is only as good as School is for any career you want to start.  You will learn the contracts and paperwork no matter what.  Experience is where you learn.  In this business like any other business what matters is the actual business.  Hardest part is getting the business.  You are bringing in a deal and the guy wants more then half I would be wary especially in regards to a buyer.  Buyers you will do all the work and they will help with paperwork which is not that difficult for a veteran.  In regards to a listing there is  a lot of work and expenses on the front end so 50/50 after expenses is reasonable.    If they are giving you leads 50/50 is more than fair.  

In the end ignore the large companies.  Go work under a solid realtor with a growing team.  If you can find a guy who needs his first buyers agent it may be the ideal match.(however somes guys may act like they have more business than they actually do) Find one in the area you want to focus on. The large teams can be hard because the leads and available open houses get tight.  The biggest benefit to this is you are working hand in hand with a successful Realtor who has established systems that bring in business.  That is the key.  When you get too involved with the generic training( I am not saying do not do this training) the companies offer you will start looking at numerous solutions.  Different CRMS, Lead gen systems, way to door knock etc.  You get overwhelmed and next thing you know you are spinning in circles.  Trying this trying that wasting money.  Find a system or 2 master them get them to continually work and then add more.  Also, do not get lost in all the RA RA typical corny Realtor stuff.  They will sell you like nobody has ever sold you on yourself.  In reality they make a profit on you no matter what with monthly expenses and the whatever deal you bring in is just gravy.  

Know what area you want, know what strengths you have and how you think you can best grow your business and find a solid team leader that you think you would mesh with.  

Best of luck.  Thanks for reading. LOL.  Now back to work on changing my systems.  

@Patrick Parry Thank you for your insight.  That is a lot to consider, and that does make sense.  I do not want to get lost in the shark infested waters of Orange County.  My back yard is the 90630 zip code and this will be my farm area as well.  I will reach out to some top producers who have since retired and and see what I can learn from them.

I personally would go with an Independant where you get to keep more of your money. Then hire a 3rd party coach instead.  One that's actually been a successful realtor and has already done or is still doing what you want to do.  Remember, good advice isn't cheap and cheap advice isn't good. Unless of course we're talking about BP. :)

@Brett Synicky Thank you Brett.  How long have you been an agent?  Did you sign on with SRG properties right out of the gate?

@Christopher Hunter

Yes I was licensed in August of 2014 and hung it under SRG after talking with kW and Coldwell. I didn't like the split and fees with the latter two and my broker and I connected on a couple different levels in addition to real estate and I came from a large corporation where I was one of hundreds of thousands so all that combined it was a no brainier for me. 

 I would definitely talk with a few different types of brokers before making your decision.  

Hit me up once you get settled in and I'll give you some tips that have worked well for me. 

@Brett Synicky Thank you.  I am going to take my time.  I start interviewing next week with Coldwell.

@Christopher Hunter The market is doing pretty decent out here Im still a beginner in my learning stage but from what I can see the vegas market is good.

@William Brown I will be out there in a couple of months.  You continue to keep educating yourself and let me know if there is anything I can do to help you succeed.

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