Anyone Recently Pass the GA RE Exam?

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Hey BP!

So, I missed passing my RE final course exam by 7 pts. Dang! I have one more attempt to pass. If I don't pass, I have to take the entire damn course all over again. If I do pass, I can then schedule to take the state exam. Does anyone have tips, strategies, or notes that helped you, which you'd be willing to share? Please help a sistah out!!

Hey @Patricia Joseph , did you take the cram course?  I took it several weeks ago and hit helped a lot!  I'm taking the test this coming week.  My advice if you haven't taken the cram course, then do that and really focus on learning the definition of everything the course covers....all of the agencies, liens, finance, appraisal, survey, property management....blah blah blah!!  I've been taking a lot of practice tests, and my scores range from an 80 to 66.  The questions can be so tricky, and some are just down right deceptive!

@Josh McCullough Your statement: "The questions can be so tricky, and some are just down right deceptive!" is just hilarious! The answers can be tricky too. I plan to take the cram course for the state exam. Have you taken the final course exam? I had three different study tools: CompuCram, QBank, and Real Estate Exam. After I finished the course, the school sent me the link to QBank, but I started using CompuCram. After failing the final exam, I realized that most of the exam questions were exactly the same as in QBank. Now, I'm only using QBank. You can access it here.

QBank is great! I could kick myself for not using this as a study tool instead of CompuCram. A good portion of the questions are in the following categories:

Closing the RE Transaction - 12 questions
License Law - 14 questions
Transfer of Title - 26 questions (this is the category that I needed to do better; I missed 9)

Good Luck!