Broker Exam Qualifications

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Good morning!

I received my CA real estate sales person license in April and currently hang my license at a brokerage. I am also registered as non-active member of my local Association of Realtors. 

My question is, in order to qualify for the broker exam in 2 years, do I need to upgrade my status to "active" and start paying the annual dues to the Realtors association? Or can I continue to simply hang my license with the brokerage and remain a non-active member and still qualify for the exam in 2 years?

Reason: I received my license in order to get the commission for my recent home purchase and would like to make future real estate investments in the future.

Thanks for your help!


The licensing to be a broker is an issue with the State.  Being a member of a local Realtor association has nothing to do with your licensing, it is a completely separate thing.