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Hello BP community,

I am searching for a part-time job that concerns real estate. My end goal is to be a full time RE investor. I'm currently being mentored by my uncle who has a portfolio of 30 properties but he is also very busy. I am currently taking online classes to be an RE agent in the Oklahoma City metro. Please keep in mind this position would have to be part-time due to the fact that I'm working a full time job but I'm also willing to do whatever possible to become successful due to the fact that I don't have very many responsibilities being single. 

Anyone's opinion is welcome.

Alex Moses

Sorry if this sounds a bit naive. Got to start some where.

Best of luck, Alexander!  And welcome.

It seems to me you have two obvious opportunities. You can be a part time real estate agent or possible help out your Uncle. You said you uncle is busy, maybe there are some relatively basic jobs you can take off his plate. 

I congratulate you Alexander on taking efective action in real estate investing. Getting your license is a huge step in learning the busines and will have long term benefits in your growth and to those around you. Now, once you get your licence, re-apply that same amount of  time in reading great books on investing and motivation ( we used to call it self improvement). You can find most if not all of these outstanding materials thru Bigger Pockets. Never stop learning but above all, be active and hands on thru any opportuinty.

 Prehaps your uncle will mentor you if you demonstrate enough interest and willingness to help in any way. You have a great platform from which you can achieve great success in real estate! I wish you the best!

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