Door Knocking- what to do differently?

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So I doorknocked the first time recently, and it really wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. This is coming from a nearly 100% introvert too. So I think I need to change my script a little bit because after I did it I realized I was missing 1 important thing, and I don't know why I was so stupid not to realize it before I went! I was missing people's contact info.. which is crucial. All I had noted was receptive or somewhat receptive addresses- and there was enough to know I will doorknock again.

So my script is very similar to "Hi, my name is Scott Vancea, your local realtor. I just wanted to stop by, introduce myself and let you know that if you ever have any questions about real estate, or would ever like a professional analysis of your home, I would love to help. No strings attached. Here is my card. Thanks. Have a great day." which is found on

This was a first visit by the way. I am wondering if I should keep a similar script to that for first visit or do something different? I did hang flyers on doors in little door bags when people didn't answer. I either gave or didn't give flyers to people who answered depending if they wanted anything to do with it.


@DeeAnna Korobkov I am no expert sales person, however, I always keep in mind that EVERYONE is interested in Selling and Buying. The difference between these people is the "Motivation" and you are the ONLY vehicle to drive that motivation (sure there are other realtors but YOU are the ONE) 

With that you should look for something unique to you, physical, emotional, something that they will remember you by, heck even if it is tripping over the steps every time you knock on the door I don't know only you (or someone close to you) can tell you what that might be and if that needs work. 

Lastly it needs to be genuine! A good friend of mine has the most obnoxious laugh but EVERYONE knows once he has arrived because of this. Not intentional on his part but he has learned to use it to his advantage.

Good luck keep me updated on the progress!

I'd recommend being polite, professional but making "the ask". From my experience, most people won't be intentional enough. Tell them who you are, why you are there, what value you add, and then make a specific ask or ask a specific "leading" question.

For example, I am a commercial broker in my market and I'm working on a campaign to secure more multi family listings. When talking to potential owners, I tell them why I am there, what value I can add, and then ask them if they've ever considered selling their property and if they have a good feel for what the property is worth. I understand that this is more of a broker strategy but it could work well from an investor side if you understand valuation strategies.

Sales, is ultimately education, so I talk to them about how an income approach works and ask them if they'd like to go through that process. Now, you've engaged a potential seller and you are adding value.

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