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Subject should read "New To BP"

Hello I'm really glad to had found you folks at BP so many questions answered in so little time it really is a  "treasure trove" of information however I still have a lot of questions I'm new to real estate and more then midway through my course material and passed the first 2 courses if all go's well I'm excited to be licensed early - mid December. 

My questions are 

Day to day operations dieing to know what goes on inside the walls are you even required to be in the brokerage so many hours a week as a new agent?

Whos your broker and why? 

Any insight on internships?

And I've heard I can get hired pretty much at my place of choosing freshly licensed. Is this true? 

Keller Williams / coldwell banker / Re-Max any info on monthly fees and why one would be better then the other?

Plus anything you might add in as to new agent dutys or just experiences 

Thanks a lot for any info 

To the people of BP :

keep on doing what you've been your helping so many people. Thank you for what you do 

Hi @Mark Adams

I'll answer some of these here, but feel free to reach out for clarification and also I am in PA, so it might be different depending on where you are. 

First of all I'm at the agent thing part-time so that's a little bit different. I am only interested in working with investors and to be honest I think that makes things a lot more efficient so it works. Since I have a full time job I also have a limited number of people that I choose to work with. 

My broker is Keller Williams and I'm very happy with them because I have the flexibility to do things mostly on my own terms, but they still have the support that I need education wise. The commission split is also pretty nice I must say. A local KW broker could tell you more. 

Also, I wouldn't say that's entirely true, but you'll definitely have a lot of options so interview a number of brokers and go with who you are most comfortable with.

As to the fees, you'll have to go through the interviews. Specifics change from time to time, but when I was searching I found the best return with KW. 

My most useful thing that I did is to offer to work for free for a successful agent. Open houses, stuff envelopes, post social media links, etc. You'll learn their systems and you'll learn how to be successful. You'll also gain a mentor that can help you whenever you have questions. 

Best of luck!


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