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Fellow BPer's

My father is looking to rent a nice 2-3 bedroom apt/townhouse, in the range of $900-$1,200. A SFR is also desired, if it falls within the previously mentioned price range.

He is interested in the Crown Point/Merrillville areas. Please respond at the email in my signature -- "Indiana" in the subject box, please -- and I'll get back to you.

My dad resides in a south Chicago suburb and would be available to view properties.

Thank you all for your time.

Anthony :D

Updated about 11 years ago

Please disregard this post, as I misunderstood my dad's request: He is looking to buy in April, not rent now. However, if there are any Realtor/Investors who work the aforementioned cities feel free to forward your contact information to me and I'll p

Updated about 11 years ago

...pass it along to my father. Thank you, Anthony


I know someone who is working on rehabs in Indiana and is looking for lease option buyers who can qualify for FHA after the first three months of occupancy. Let me know if you are interested.