Marketing Myself and help with Advertising?

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So I am extremely new to the industry but I have heard that people have had success when putting out bandit signs or other forms of marketing for the public to call them. My question is does anyone have any success stories with doing this? Also, what are some other forms of marketing that I can do to market myself to the public? As far as the bandit signs go, my focus right now is in the short sale game. So if anyone has any good ideas for what I could put on my bandit signs to advertise myself, that would be extremely helpful.

Hi, I just spoke to a realtor in OH that tried that technique with zero results and quite a bit of $$ spent. Have you considered contacting homeowners who are late on their mortgage 60-90 days? Please let me know if you want more information about this, thanks.


Yeah I would love more information regarding this. The office I work with has me in the system which lists all homes which may currently be in default or are in the pre-foreclosure process. Any information would be helpful. So bandit signs just cost a lot out of pocket and he didn't have any success. Do you have any other advertising techniques that may be less expensive but have better results?