Soon to be licensed realtor in South Florida

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Hey everyone, so I'm taking my state exam next week and pass or not I still hope to get my license by the end of this year. My question is if any of you know any investor-friendly brokerages that I can hang my license with but also get the necessary experience needed as a beginner.

I've heard that Keller Williams is a good one to start out at, but I wanted to hear some other peoples opinions.

Thank you in advance! any advice is greatly appreciated!

Florida Premier Realty has offices in Boca Raton, Lake Worth and Boynton Beach.

If you need an introduction feel free to reach out and I'll connect you.

Hey Jo,

Stein Posner Real Estate Services in Boca is a reputable boutique firm. Its the company I'm with and I love it! They are super investor friendly as the brokers are investors themselves. Plus they don't whack you over the head with exorbitant upfront fees. The training and coaching is great. But always interview and vet the brokers of any firm before hanging your license, most try to make you believe that you're the lucky one for signing with them, when essentially they make mucho dinero off of your work. Be careful.

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