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Hello. I am new a real estate agent and I have questions about how to display my name and branding for my business cards and marketing.

1) should I use my name only? (Jody, Real Estate Agent)

2) my name, plus my brokerage? (Jody, Real Estate Agent, Douglas Elliman) 

3) should i create my own company name? (Big Apple Group)

I know I'm not supposed to "promote" my brokerage over my own name, but would my name alone be as strong without a big brokerage brand? And if I create my own company name (Big Apple Group) will I need to have other team members first, or create an LLC, or can I just make up whatever name I want and do business under that name?

Just want to make sure before I start creating my "brand" and spend money and time on print and online marketing. Thank you!  

Hi @Jody Belues - First off, I'd take a look at your state's real estate commission requirements for advertising.  Yes, business cards count as advertising, and as such, you need to ensure you follow the rules.  For example, if I put up a "For Sale" sign in my state, I'd legally be required to include the firm's name.  Additionally, if I put anything but the main office number (i.e. my cell phone number), I'm required to put the office number.  

Wow, I️ love this post. I️ would love to me. : )

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