Nurturing Investor Leads

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BP Agents,

What are some of your systems used to keep in touch with your investor leads? Obviously not everyone is ready to buy at first contact, so what do you do to keep in touch while still providing value? Do you go right to setting up saved searches on MLS? Or maybe an email drip campaign?



I have mail chimp email campaigns and also have saved searches on the MLS to help me find new deals that use hit the market.

By investor leads, do you mean leads of investors who own properties in your neighborhood who may be looking to sell?

@Antoine Martel

Thank you. I will look into Mail Chimp. 

By investor leads, I mean buyers and seller leads. Whether that be out of town investors looking to buy or someone in the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area looking to sell, I work with both.

@Luke McCann In addition to MailChimp, it's about being top of mind for your leads, so building your brand on social (Facebook) can be a really good way to engage your investor leads. 

The main advantage is that most of your investors are already on Facebook, so this approach is less "intrusive" I guess. 

Hope this helps. Good luck. Thanks! - Ola

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